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My bite is the best it's ever been. After Dr. Bob found the bad contacts and adjusted them, my jaw joint pain and headaches gradually went away. The exercises he taught me and an occasional slight adjustment have kept me free of pain and sane again. He more than earned his charge - it was a bargain.
Carol N.
DeBary, FL

When I first saw Dr. Ferris, I had not been able to have a full night sleep for years. He used a computer to analyze my bite the morning after he put a removable plastic piece on my front teeth. This deprogrammer relaxed my jaws and he then found the bite interferences. He adjusted them twice and then he taught me some jaw exercises which keep my jaw from tightening up. The headaches are gone. Thank you, Dr. Ferris.
I continue to feel good, and my family says that I smile a lot more these days.
Irma B,
Pierson, FL

When I had my first periodontal surgery in Pennsylvania, I swore I'd never go through that again. They never told me that I needed regular maintenance visits with the periodontist, so I just went for 6 mo. cleanings. So I got back in trouble again, because that didn't prevent it the first time. When I moved to Florida, I was referred to Dr. Ferris. He promised me that he could do it without a lot of pain, and my neighbor said he did her's in total comfort. She was right, I'm in good shape now, and I see Dr. Ferris every 3 mo. and he keeps me that way.
Selma F.
Indiatlantic, FL

I never knew the difference between a prophy or cleaning and a periodontal maintenance scaling and root planing. After "falling off the wagon" a few times and facing another surgery, I decided to follow your advice and stay regular with you. My teeth are tighter, my breath is cleaner, and I feel that you have helped me to avoid another surgery. Thanks, Dr. Ferris, for caring enough to explain things to me and being patient with my difficulties. There's such a big difference in how thorough and painless your treatments are. You're the best.
Vicki S.
Cocoa, Fl

I can't thank you enough for getting to the bottom of my jaw and headache problems. The little bite guard relaxses my jaws whenever I start clenching. My bite feels like my teeth belong together after you did the reshaping. I use the relaxation and isometric exercises at home, and I feel normal again. I honestly thought that I would have to be on muscle relaxants and pain relievers forever - haven't taken one in months. Thank you Dr. Bob - you're a caring man and your treatments worked,
Jeanne M-J.
Apopka, FL

I travel 220 miles one way to see Dr. Ferris for regular periodontal maintenance cleanings. Ten years ago, I was told that I needed periodontal surgery to correct my bone disease. Dr. Bob told me my case was borderline and that he would work with me to see if nonsurgical treatment would work. It did and my pockets are now manageable. He advises me every time of the better, same and worse areas, and we work together like partners to keep my teeth. Haven't lost a single one. Thanks to Dr. Ferris for being willing to work with me within my budget. I'll never go anywhere else, and I refer my friends to him.
Joe Matarazzo
Bonita Springs, FL

About five years ago, I was told that I should have all of my teeth pulled and have dentures. I sought a 2nd opinion with Dr. Bob Ferris because my neighbors had such good results with him. He told me that a few teeth were hopeless, but most could be saved. We went through extensive treatment with full mouth surgery. I was amazed that it was not terribly painful and I was back to work in my automotive shop the next day. My teeth are tight, my breath smells good, and he kept my smile. I see Dr. Bob every few months for periodontal cleanings, and I will until they put me in a nursing home! The man is very truthful, he listens to me, and he and I have a bond which is rare with doctors. He really cares and he is good at what he does. He's famous around my neck of the woods.
Dave Harbeck
Sorrento, FL

Dr. Bob treats me more like a family member or friend than as a patient or customer. I have a strong tendency toward periodontal problems and I need periodontal cleanings every 2-3 months. He did my periodontal treatment and implants comfortably and I haven't had a problem in over 10 years. My family can't believe it when I come back from an appointment and tell them how good my mouth feels. Honestly, it's very easy, my mouth feels great, and he's terrific!
Denise McD.

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